Dolores Mountain Quilters
Dolores, Colorado

From Crafts to Quilts
The first group of gals gathered at the Dolores Southern Baptist Church in Dolores for crafting classes.  On Nov 16, 1994 a meeting of the group was held with 13 in attendance to begin instruction in the art of quilting.  More meetings were held and more quilting skills were acquired.  It was suggested that the group start a quilt guild.
On May 2, 1995  Wynn N. was the moderator at the first informal gathering of those interested in a quilting group.  The meeting was held at the Dolores Baptist Church in Dolores.  There were 9 in attendance.  
​~~The name of the club, "Dolores Mountain Quilters"        was chosen.
~~A regular meeting of the first Tuesday of each month was decided upon.
~~Dues were to be $1.50 per meeting
~~First officers were elected
    Pres.--Colleen S.            Vice P.--Jewel S.
    Treasurer/Secretary/Newsletter--Floy P.
    Programs--Bobbie W.
​~~The first group program/activity was putting together a member's log cabin top, batting, backing, & then basting in preparation for quilting.  Mystery block patterns were also handed out.
Can you identify this quilter from 1999?