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DMQ2 Thread Painting & Sharing with Colleen Barnett

Saturday June 15, 2024

Saturday, June 15th DMQ2 meeting began with LouAnn Burkett announcing the Cliff Palace Dreams quilt by the Blocks without Borders Art Quilters group picture and quilt in the AQS Quilt Week Show in the magazine- which was passed around for all to enjoy.

Show & Tell:

  • Marty shared her dish towel, ric-rac challenge.

  • Amy showed the two quilts that she made from scraps acquired from the last meeting she attended.

  • LouAnn B. showed the piecing of her quilt and

  • LouAnn JB showed her thread painting work that she made in Colleen Barnett's thread painting class- which made a smooth transition to...

Colleen Barnett's Thread Painting Presentation:

Colleen shared her path to becoming a thread painting artist. She began by showing the first few quilts that she made, then how they increased in thread painting, taking classes to learn more techniques, then she shared advice to all who would like to learn more. She answered many questions by the very interested audience.

Colleen shared her process of

  1. taking a photo and printing in silver tone

  2. tracing on trace paper

  3. Enlarging- her example was 300%

  4. and Placing on muslin

...for just a few of the steps

She gave some advice of

  • 80wt thread

  • 70 needle

  • suggested using Steam a Seam

  • and use a design wall to move pieces as needed.

  • She answered many questions

  • Let us look closely and even touch her many samples

  • Books were shared that she uses as resources

  • Colleen even suggested attending Quilters without Borders meeting that are the 3rd Thursday of each month @1:00 at the Quilter's Haven.

Members were truly inspired by the work and enthusiasm of Colleen's quilts.


DMQ have quilts at the public library displayed for sale as well as small art quilts based on children's books are on exhibit in the quiet room.


Next DMQ2 meeting: July 20th @10:00 a.m. at the Dolores Public Library. A ll are invited.

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